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What it is and why it matters.


Neuropsychotherapy is an integrative approach to therapy that takes into account the dynamic interplay among the mind, body, social interactions, and the environment on a person’s well-being.

Traditional therapy may, when indicated, be supported through the use of Mind-Body techniques, such as: Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Heart Rate Variability training, Isochronic Tones, Imagery, Breathing, or Meditation.

Why does it matter . . . what are the advantages of working with a neuropsychotherapist?

No pharmaceuticals are involved.  A psychiatrist often perscribes medication.  A psychologist or psychotherapist employs talk therapy.  A neuropsychotherapist may include talk therapy, but with inclusion of techniques addressing the mind-body connection.  

The unique combination used in the approach of a neuropsychotherapist includes the techniques of a psychotherapist, yet also includes a broader approach involving more tools.  Simply put, a neuropsychotherapist can often succeed where other therapies have not in the past.